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Alimentazione a pannello solare o a batteria ricaricabile; La tua telecamera di sicurezza professionale senza cavi. Aggiungi tutti i tuoi prodotti Reolink a una soluzione di sicurezza connessa, unita e intelligente.

Telecamera IP ideale per area senza WiFi o presa di corrente, come posto lavorativo o casa vacanze. Visualizza aree che ti interessano in dettagli con telecamera 5MP dotata di zoom ottico 4X.

Grazie per la tua iscrizione! Amazon, Alexa e tutti i loghi correlati sono marchi di Amazon. Risultati consigliati:. Subtotale: Vai alla cassa Visualizza il carrello. Il carrello non contiene prodotti. Passa alla sicurezza senza cavi. Serie Argus Alimentazione a pannello solare o a batteria ricaricabile; La tua telecamera di sicurezza professionale senza cavi. Argus 2 Argus 2E Argus Pro.

reolink argus 2 youtube

Passa alla sicurezza affidabile. Costruisci la tua casa intelligente e sicura con Reolink Aggiungi tutti i tuoi prodotti Reolink a una soluzione di sicurezza connessa, unita e intelligente. WiFi con faretto Guarda video a colori di notte utilizzando la telecamera a batteria con faretto. Argus 3.

100% Wire-Free Battery Powered, or Solar Powered Security Camera

Reolink Lumus. E1 E1 Pro E1 Zoom. Personalizza il sistema di sicurezza per le tue esigenze. Non sai quale scegliere? Prova adesso. Be Prepared, Be Reolink. Non perderti le ultimissime di Reolink. Offerte incredibili, notizie e aggiornamenti su misura per te. Inserisci un indirizzo e-mail valido.Thanks for your subscription! You are able to go live on the popular video platform and get as many as people involved without giving them access to your security cameras. So, how to set up IP camera live streaming on YouTube?

Can you stream directly to YouTube or need an encoder instead? Continue reading, check out the step-by-step guide below and live stream CCTV camera to YouTube on your own within minutes.

Below we will take a Reolink RLC security camera as an example. To launch an IP security camera live stream on YouTube, you need to check if your IP cameras are connected to the stable network first, just the same as setting up security cameras for remote viewing.

Note that a stable network connection allows you to access your CCTV cameras via smartphones or PCs and watch video live feed smoothly.

If you have encountered network failures, check out this post to locate and solve the network issues. To construct a correct URL, it is best to consult the staff of your security camera brands about which mode your surveillance equipment supports and the detailed URL as well. So, you may check out the IP address of your security camera in Reolink App or Client first, which is Also note that this applies to a security camera system with NVR as well.

Editor's Tip: To make the live streaming setup easier, it is best to copy and paste the stream URL in a notepad or any safe locations after building one. Supposed that you have an unverified account, navigate to YouTube verify screen and get your account verified. Generally speaking, it takes 24 hours for the video platform to activate your account for live streaming. Once activated, you are able to obtain the stream key and configure the streaming setup with the following steps:.

Enter the title and description and change Privacy settings private, unlisted or public in the Basic Info section. Scroll down and find the Stream Key in the Encoder Setup section. And the stream key is hidden in most cases. Click Reveal to see the key. Editor's Tip: Do not share it with someone you don't know. Or else, others may take advantage of your account and live stream to your YouTube channel.

So, it is best to contact the staffs of your security camera brands and ask them whether an encoder is needed for YouTube live streaming. YouTube has made up a list of several reliable encoders and we will take Open Broadcast Software OBSa free and open source, as our example. Make sure that you check the Make source visible at the bottom. After setting up the encoders, now you are really close to launching a successful security camera live stream on YouTube.

Type in the stream key that you obtain from YouTube in the field and click OK. Thinking about how to improve the performance of your YouTube live stream? Following the detailed guide above to stream IP cameras to YouTube is never the end of successful live streaming. Poor image quality or slow Internet connection, these are the common problems that you may encounter when going live on YouTube.

What would you do when finding out the security camera live streaming on YouTube comes with the low image quality? To deliver sharp images with great details on your channel, it is best to choose a megapixel security camera that captures images with the resolution of p, 4MP and even 5MP both day and night. Aside from the resolution, you may also check out the specifications listed below in security camera product pages:.

Field of view: The wider the viewing angle is, the larger monitoring area your surveillance camera can cover. If you would like to broadcast every corner of the rooms, gardens or constructions site on YouTube, choose a PTZ dome security camera that is able to rotate and cruise with designated patrol path.

How to Enable/Disable Camera Siren Alarm on Reolink App

Check it out! Click here to learn more. IR range: This specification indicates how far your security cameras can see in ambient lighting.Thanks for your subscription!

Can I just flip the channel to view video feeds?

How to Add a Second Camera via Reolink Client

Do I have to download an app? Yes, it's possible. One enthusiast shares his saga of viewing IP camera on TVwhich might shed light on how seemingly easy-to-get job can entail so much work. There is a device so-called NetcamViewer Monitorwhich claimed to be able to live feed any IP security camera to your TV or monitor easily. When you don't want to run cables directly to your TV, Google Chromecast or Apple TV is a great alternative as long as the viewing apps support casting.

reolink argus 2 youtube

For example, some users suggest using Google Chromecast to mirror what you are watching on our Android phone to your home TV, or using Apple TV to mirror video feeds from surveillance camera mobile apps to display IP camera videos on a TV. It works by starting up the IP camera monitoring apps, enabling mirroring or screencast and displaying the video feeds. The setup might require a few steps along the road. Nowadays, thanks to surveillance technologies, such as P2Pusers can easily tap into their Smartphone app, such as Reolink apps, Blue Iris, iSpy, IPcam Viewer, to view live video feeds at anytime anywhere as long as IP cameras and mobile devices are connected to the Internet.

Besides, users can use the computer like Window PC or Mac to get access to cameras remotely or locally via desktop software like Reolink ClientMilestone, Synology etc. Or users can live streaming videos on multiple web browsers without downloading apps or software such as on Google Chrome, IE Explorer, FireFox or Safari via logging in with IP address.

Love sharing best solutions for home and business security, dedicating herself in providing trendy and useful home security information for readers and helping viewers find the best solutions to their problems.

That would make viewing on a TV very, very easy. That's awesome advice! That's certainly what we will be working on in the future. Thank you so much for your feedback! It would be great if you could speed up this feature.

It makes life much more simple. Lots of people do not want their NVR monitor located in the television room, and with that in mind, who wants to leave from their TV to another room. People like the app's on the phones and tablets, but many people want LARGE screen viewing made simple. Is there an update on this?Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Reolink Reolink Digital Technology Co. Add to Wishlist. Reolink App is an easy-to-use security camera system surveillance app.

You can monitor and watch live streaming of your home and business anywhere and anytime. It helps you easily get peace of mind. Key Features: 1. Only 3 steps to access cameras and NVRs at the same local network the easiest solution ever. Easy and friendly interface for all users to use. Multi-channel viewing up to 16 channels on screen at the same time. Capture video from live view channels on your mobile device to playback. Capture single and multiple images to save on your mobile device.

Get emails or push notifications in real time when motion detection is triggered. Schedule video recording including motion-triggered recording at anytime. Control PTZ pan-tilt-zoom cameras remotely left, right, up and down. Reviews Review Policy. Time lapse capture enables users to record long-term events into short videos or photo albums. Improves performance of some features. Fixes some other bugs. View details.Limited-time offer -- -- : -- : Rechargeable battery and WiFi connectivity make Argus 2 totally wire-free.

No network or power cable, no drilling and no outlets needed. Security is simple. You can put it anywhere you want - on a shelf or a table; at the front door or back door; from room to room, to keep an eye on the elderly, babies or pets.

Or use it at a temporary construction site, rental house or holiday house. It's weatherproof for outdoor and indoor use. Rain or shine, hot or cold, this camera never quits. Argus 2 comes with a rechargeable battery, which allows you to charge directly via an outlet or via Reolink Solar Panel. Long lasting power per charge - saves your money.

Connect the camera to Reolink Solar Panel and it will get non-stop power all day and all night. You can easily position the weather resistant solar panel to maximize sunlight exposure. Huge savings! Learn more. See everything in details with true p Full HD.

With the advanced starlight technology 2 Megapixels CMOS Sensor, Argus 2 gives you high-quality videos in very low light conditions from full daylight to starlight up to 33 feet night visionwithout the extra lighting infrastructure. And you can see valuable visual details to identify people, vehicles, and other objects around the clock.

When motion events are detected, Argus 2 will wake up at once to send you instant alerts and at the same time, the siren or customized voice alert will sound automatically to deter the unwanted. With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can communicate with your elders, kids, babysitters, pets, etc.

reolink argus 2 youtube

Control has never been so easy with free Reolink App and Client! View your family and home anywhere and anytime via your iOS and Android smartphones, or through a Windows or Mac computer! Actions speak louder than words? No, words are enough. Thanks for your interest. Duplicate Submission. You have submitted successfully.Everyone was so helpful and friendly, as first time travelers of the ring road your organization set up our itinerary so that we didn't have to worry about a thing except having fun.

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reolink argus 2 youtube

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How Long does the Battery Last for Argus 2 or Argus Pro

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