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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. This topic has been locked. Wanted to better my ping and use Kill Ping, anyone have some trusted info on the program, and know whether VAC may pick it up as a threat? Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments.

Plant View Profile View Posts. No, but that thing is a scam. No reason to use it Ganger View Profile View Posts. Or does it just mess with internet traffic. No software can improve apon physical limitations of an internet connection. Ping is, in most cases, based on distance. Distance to servers, local exchange, etc.

Originally posted by Ganger :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 26 Jan, am. Posts: 5. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.The program works almost the same as any VPN, it does not work very well at all, the subscription is never canceled, I had to cancel my credit card because they lasted 5 months charging me, when I canceled the service and write for a refund they never respondTHIEF!!!!

The website is a scam. It does reroute your connection, but it probably just uses Google DNS, which you can easily change yourself for free. It did not fix my ping at all, but made my game lag. The 15 days money back guarantee is a scam. They will never respond to your mails. If you paid with paypal you're lucky.

You can easily get your money back through paypal. That's what I did. Do not buy. It made my ping worse in game. Zero response to several emails and they are unreachable or unavailable via any other method. Totally unacceptable and do not fall for the 15 day money back guarantee they just ignore you.

Huge rip off and annoyance. Would not recommend! I have had to go through a lot of trouble to refund my subscription because it was not working at all! I bought the subscription and paid through paypal. I didn't like the service so i emailed them and unsubscribe under 15 days money back guarantee, but they never responded to my email.

Paypal refunded me my money. Make sure before you cancel your subscription take some pics so you can show paypal. For example date of purchase, date of cancellation and email proof that you sent to kill ping support. But kill never respond to anyone email so in the end paypal will refund your money. Pls pay through paypal always its much better and secure.

It would have been better if I could try it first, but there was no way. I had to become a member to give it a go.

kill ping pubg

Besides, on the page, they pretend they give refund in special occasions. I had a better ping without the product than with maybe they just reroute you through Google's public DNS IP addresses and since I use this myself, there was little or no change. All right, so I asked support for a refund. Then I uninstalled the program and in the "why" that popped up, I asked for a refund. No refund, no answer. On their page, in my account, there is a possibility to "cancel account" so I did.

I went back to my account, logged in, tried to cancel again: Not possible: "This account has already had a cancellation request submitted so you cannot submit another.

Unless your connection really sucks, and unless you don't know how to use Google's public DNS IP addresses it's freethere is no reason to fall for this scam. No performance gain.Kill Ping used to be a reliable option for gamers, but lately its been skimping on providing good performance. Learn why you should go for an alternative! Kill Ping is a gaming application designed to reduce high ping and lag while improving online gameplay.

It uses dedicated servers around the world to allow for uninterrupted data transfer. This allows for seamless exchange of information between you and the gaming server, hence reducing high ping and eliminating lag during the process.

Kill Ping Review: Reduce High Ping & Enjoy Lag Free Gaming

No, Kill Ping does not work anymore, and a lot of customers complain about them not giving refunds either. The service has only deteriorated over the years. Many users have reservations with the service stating that the software does not improve ping speeds or reduce lags, and with the limited number of servers, it makes sense.

I would rather advise users to go for the BVI-based newcomer, Surfshark. Kill Ping is a lightweight software that delivers all its promises. It helped to reduce high ping and lag during our testing.

However, the software is not short of its faults. Lately, its been a topic of controversy, since a lot of users have been complaining that the service does not help them in any activity associated to gaming.

Kill Ping offers three different pricing plans that you can choose from. When we compare these prices to other ping reduction software, Kill Ping offers an excellent deal. The yearly package is certainly the most economical and allows more savings as compared to the other two packages. When we compared their pricing plans and the features offered they offered, Kill Ping definitely has an advantage.

Another important factor to note in all the Kill Ping packages was that each of them comes with a day money-back guarantee. As an online gamer myself, seven days gives you ample time to fully test out the service on different online games. You can try various features, test out different servers, and check which region works best with Kill Ping for reducing latency and high ping.

Since Kill Ping is gaming software designed to lower your ping and improve online gameplay, it is important to clear up how it works and how to use the service. Many users have confused Kill Ping with a VPN service because it reroutes your internet traffic through its own servers and then onto the gaming servers. Kill Ping only provides clear, an uncongested pathway for the data packets to travel.

This way you get a faster response from gaming servers, hence low ping and latency. Here are some steps on how to use Kill Ping:. Here is quick tutorial offered by Kill Ping, explaining how to it works:.

Kill Ping Review 2020

Initially, when we wrote this review, the performance was good as it lowered our ping in both the games, reduced data packet loss, and eliminated lag from the gameplay. Sadly, after we tested it recently in Octoberthe service failed on giving the same performance and made no difference to the ping or lag problems. The first test was conducted on DOTA 2.

When we first played the game while connecting to EU West server without Kill Ping, our ping ranged from ms to ms. There were a constant delay during the game and on occasion severe lag as well, making it impossible to play. After a delay-filled and high ping game, we connected Kill Ping software. This lowered our ping significantly by reducing lag and delay from the gameplay. As you can see from the screenshot below, the ping lowered from ms to ms more than 40 percent.

This was somewhat tricky as you cannot select the server of your choice if you play normal matchmaking such as Deathmatch or Demolition in CS: GO. Next, we connected to Kill Ping and started the game. This way the upper limit would be set at 50ms and CS: GO will find servers within this set limit.

Upon playing the game, the ping remained stable at 37ms — 38ms and all delays were removed from the gameplay while being connected to Kill Ping. These servers are strategically placed in regions that are popular with various MMO massively multiplayer online games.

We were impressed by the wide list of servers offered by Kill Ping as they covered all the major regions for the games they support.The mod Apk will provide you with additional features than the original Apk. Nowadays, as the internet and technology grow up, the user of gamming is growing so fast. Usually, children are addicted to games.

There are lots of video game comes for different platforms like Windows, Android, etc.

Ping Fix Windows 10 (Gaming) - Lower Ping and Fix Lag [Tutorial]

There are such of some games that are very popular and grows the gaming community very much. On many gamers make YouTube channel and grow. When PUBG comes on android, the number of players was uncountable.

PUBG Mobile makes an unbillable change in the gaming community. And the Mobile means the game is for the mobile version. PUBG has a total of three versions. The game is based on Battle Royale Japanese movie.

When a player starts a match and go to the battleground, 99 other players from all over the world will join. Player will kill each other with a variety of weapons and instruments, and the last survivor will be the winner. The achievement of winner call Winner Winner Chicken Dinner — it is a kind of slogan. Read Also on Wikipedia. PUBG Mobile has three types of team mode.

kill ping pubg

If a player enters the game alone, it is called Solo. If two player starts a match on a team, it is called Duo. Similarly, the four-player team is call Squad. Most of the players play Squad as the maximum player can join, and they can make a good strategy for killing enemies. Gamers are nowadays playing PUBG rather than other games. The game supports up to HDR graphics which will provide a realistic view.

Even the game is made with high AI so the lowest graphics will create a realistic look of the player. There are more than 25 types of houses with high buildings, mountains, rivers, cars, bikes, boats, etc.

The HDR is not supported on most of the devices. High-end devices support high graphics. But most of deices support 40 FPS on average. It is available on Play Store. PUBG Mobile has four maps. The Erangel map is already downloaded when you install the game. Then to play on different maps like Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi you have to download them. The Sanhok map is small than Erangel, and there the lot is maximum. The fights on Sanhok goes intense because the plan is low but players in total.It's a scam, the software doesn't work and the support doesn't reply the emails, i writted them via facebook and they blocked me, this software real bad, don't buy it.

The service works but it has only reduced my ping by This is not worth paying for. I have sent half a dozen emails over the past 2 weeks requesting a refund without a single response. I'm going to keep trying. I'm going to try to reclaim my money with PayPal. Be sure to cancel your service on their website or they may sneak additional funds out of your account in two years. I bought the 2 year plan but I cant login in my account, got no email or verification code Support doesn't answer any of my mails.

I keep disconnected from my game ,everyday i send email to them but no one answer it,back then they still care about customer now they're gone maybe. Bought the service, and what do you know. I have the same problem as everyone else! No change in my ping and no refund. Fun times we live in now and days to be scammed and nothing is done about it. Asked for a refund and got no news back after a week and still waiting.

Don't bother with them unless you're living in the mountains or something. Awful Customer Service, They will literally ignore all your tickets forever. Even when you reclaim to Paypal, they won't even bother answering to them. They system never worked on me, and since they never supported, it looks like a nice scam. I would not recommend you using this. They never responded on my email regarding an error stating that I have to check my internet because i cant connect to the application.

I just paid for 1 month then after a day I wasnt able to use their application anymore. I tried everything on my part but it really doesnt allow me to login. I would have rated this 5 stars but they never responded on my email until now. Im left hanging and dont know what to do. These cnuts won't even ducking reply to me. The amount of times I've asked for a refund because their service is sh!

Horrible support. Horrible product as it doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Note that most people are either reviewing the "store" with many stars, or they're reviewing the actual service with one star, because as far as I can tell the actual ping reduction service doesn't work for anyone. That certainly is my own experience. I'm a professional computer consultant. It's theoretically possible for someone to buy, say, an OC3 pipeline across the country and therefore get you closer to a server through them than hopping across the normal way.

But I see no evidence that Kill Ping does this. Nor anything else that might conceivably work. In my case, the ping only got worse with both Overwatch and League, even according to their own tools. I think their plan is simply to get people to pay for a couple of years in a lump sum, then keep the money, or pay monthly and forget to unsubscribe when it doesn't work.Almost a one week having the packet loss and high ping.

PUBG maintenance team still not informing us about what is going on or will it be fixed soon. Unfair and unprofessional i must say. Assuming they don't really care about the people who payed the game and can't play it. You are lucky to have 40ms. I am playing on 75ms with a VPN. I sent a e-mail to support and still no reply either from forum or support team about this problem. This is just not true, man. There are at least FIVE threads in this forum right now with an answer to the question, there's probably more on reddit, and then there's the same info on the official twitter account.

Their reaction didn't come quick, but it came, and it has been there for a couple of days now. Come on. They posted the same twitter link on my earlyer post but that was more than couple days ago. However they take too much time to fix a problem that they made in the first place, not someone else did it but them.

At least we deserve a little bit more information about the situation and when it will be fixed or at least a decent backup servers for a game that earned milions of dollars from their users. Don't get me wrong, it's not like it doesn't bother me - both the server issues aswell as the sometimes lacking communication.

But: "They" did not actively introduce packet loss. They moved their server location, and on the new location issues with packet loss arose, so now we're on a backup that has a higher ping.

And it sucks, it really does, but I don't think they ignore it or are indifferent about it, or about us. PC players waiting one week. What about that? I hate when they use language like this. It's not some players, it's all players, and it's not a slight increase, the ping is literally the double of what it used to be.Seriously, I know this game would be pretty dead without adding in some out of region players, but for real it's a pain in the ass fighting these guys that have a ping advantage.

Maybe I shouldn't call it an advantage, but it sure as shit changes the gameplay. Also while i'm here I just wanna say that in regards to cheating, there is a lot of it going on. I don't know how many times I've watched the kill cam and the guy who kills me from yards away gets a spidey sense and decides to pull his KAR out before I can ever be seen only to snap to me and kill me full sprint. Maybe the killcam is bugged but I've watched many people snap their aim to each person on the map and then me being the closest get wrecked before I ever have a bullet register on my end.

This game probably just needs to die. I can will see myself out High ping gives advantages in some situations, just as disadvantages. But on top of that, there is main issue affecting PUBG, if it comes to ping diffrences:.

This and only this causes desync, unregistred hits etc. Especially when 1 hit can change everything which combined wih late snipers buff will make ppl ragequit. Yes, it is that simple.

kill ping pubg

Even when a high ping gets the drop on you, your reaction will process well before their reaction. When he drop on you - before he send info about things happening on his PC to server, you'd be dead on his screen before you react.

Shots have priority - for him your dead, so for server aswell - before you turn, aim and all stuff - he shot, he hit, you dead. Except that has nothing to do with high ping.

That would be true in ANY scenario. If anyone, high or low ping, gets the drop on you and shreds you, you're going to die. Ping has nothing to do with it. Get knowledge please, im not a teacher to educate you and waste my time.

You are wrong and your ego or laziness makes you not even eager to educate yourself. Ask Rev0verDrive for clues, im quite sure he will agree, that there are situations where high ping gives advantage in PUBG. In other words, you don't have a clue, and you're hoping someone else will back you up. Got it. You have to be aggressive against those with latency issues. When you initiate an attack, it takes the other player some time to notice they are being attacked.

And if your aim is good, chances are that the other player will die before they even realize they are being attacked. However, the same is true the other way. If you sit still and wait for an enemy to come to you, you are giving THEM that advantage where they might turn a corner and light you up before you even see them turn the corner on your end. They aren't cheating, it's just that some of their movements weren't relayed to your perspective because of latency.

Low latency favors aggressive action. Playing defensive with low latency is suicide. You will never win unless the attacker is a terrible shot. The only time where ambush tactics are even feasible is when you are literally right next to the server and the person you are lying in wait for also has low ping.