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All fields are required. Your name. Your email address. Your friend's name. Your friend's email. A three-dimensional sound field expression has been achieved while maintaining the bright and strong tone characteristic of the FE-EN series.

The small caliber blends rich bass and gorgeous mid-high range to make music stand out. The frame size and the positions of screw hole of each model are identical to the -EN version except for a few millimeter difference in the height.

Features New cone paper is based on vigorously beaten kenaf fiber. Mixing long and short fibers of non-wood pulp maintains appropriate internal loss and stiffness.

By mixing chemical fiber and mineral ore as secondary material, it improves propagation speed and rigidity. The metallic eyelets used to be added to the diaphragm result in uneven weight balance, causing unequal split resonance in addition to the annular vibration mode possessed by the cone-shaped diaphragm, which causes distortion in the midrange.

By eliminating the metallic eyelets, new FE-NV series offer reduced harmonic distortion in the midrange. The pocket neck spider developed in the FF-WK series has been adopted to continue the three-point bonding of the voice coil and the damper and cone paper on the same circumference. The shape and material of the dampers have been reviewed for more linear amplitude characteristic than the current FE-En series.

A low-loss gold-plated terminal with Faston type connector has been adopted. Comment on Facebook. Product Reviews Login or Register to write the first review. Products You May Like. Fostex FENV 4. Fostex FFWK 4. Social Facebook Yelp! Loudspeaker Forum. Looking for fast easy answers or need help accessing our website?The diaphragm material consists of a fine, supple, high density fiber which successfully improves the mid-high reproduction.

A 80mm diameter strong ferrite magnet is used. Login Register. Click to enlarge. Purchase Product is out of stock. E-mail to a friend Please complete this form.

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fostex fe103

Product Reviews Login or Register to write a review. Its hard to believe there are better drivers! I have them connected to a Sabaj A3 mini system with a cheap 6. I'm listening to Chance's End - The Outsider and the sound coming out is pure heaven.

The drums sound like drums, the guitars sound like guitars, the violin is amazing and everything just comes together so balanced that I just can't believe it! I've been doing builds with the Dayton Audio 4 inch coaxials which sound nice too but I cannot believe the clarity of these speakers. The amp may be a little to much at the high end but I don't really push it. Like my title suggests, I know there are better speakers out there and if these sound this good, I would love to hear how those sound.

For now though, this is my go to system. I can't wait to hear them after they have some playing time as they only have about 20 hours on them now. I'm glad I listened to the reviews on this site and pulled the trigger on these speakers. Hello, I am an avid enthusiast of stereo equipment. My latest adventure was building a low power vacuum tube amplifier kit.

Fostex FE103En Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers

The kit was very successful. That led to my next need I wanted to have a smaller size bass reflex, bookshelf enclosure.

fostex fe103

I tried several commercially available speakers. Their touted efficiency was at hz.

Fostex FE103En 4" Full Range

There were steep drop-offs in efficiency outside of that range. This would not work Enter the feen: With great help and direction from the Madisound team I invested in a pair of feen speakers. Combined with a pair of. For lower listening levels and smaller speaker cabinets you can make a low power or high power amplifier sing.You seem to have Javascript disabled.

New cone paper is based on vigorously beaten kenaf fiber.

TM2 Stereo Earphones

Mixing long and short fibers of non-wood pulp maintains appropriate Fostex are aware that certain online sellers have been advertising Fostex products with extremely low prices. These prices bring you to their website but, when ordered, the products are not in stock. Fostex products are sold through our appointed distributor in each country who ships to their authorized retailers with proper warranty and after-sales service and care.

Welcome to Fostex International Product information and news from one of the world's premier audio manufacturing companies.

Fostex Facebook. The Latest Fostex News.

Fostex Fe103-sol

New FE-NV series. Beware Of Extremely Low Prices Fostex are aware that certain online sellers have been advertising Fostex products with extremely low prices. Read More. Unauthorized Online Retailers Fostex products are sold through our appointed distributor in each country who ships to their authorized retailers with proper warranty and after-sales service and care.

Fostex Worldwide Distributors. Latest News. In accordance with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. This web site uses cookies to deliver the best possible browsing experience for our visitors. If you continue using this website, we will assume that you are happy about that. OK more info.Until recenty my desktop computer has always shared a room with a Hi-Fi setup so there has never been a need for using decent speakers with the computer.

When the desktop computer was moved into it's own room with no HiFi I quickly realized that good speakers were now required for decent quality music playback. I had been using some low cost Radio Shack speakers with an inexpensive Tripath based amplifier and I was really itching for an upgrade.

The speakers would be used primarily for background music while working on the computer and also for watching videos, gaming and some recording. Over the past several years I have grown quite fond of the sound from the various Fostex fullrange speaker drivers. A fullrange driver can be quite appealing as it offers point source sound with no crossover to mess with the phase so you also get great imaging.

The lack of a crossover reduces the material costs and also greatly simplifies the design and construction of the speaker. The bass reflex loudspeaker enclosure has a volume of 6 Liters L and is tuned to 95 Hz. A bass reflex ported speaker enclosure improves the low frequency response of the loudspeaker system by transmitting the energy from the rear diaphragm of the driver and the rear baffle through a tuned port to the listener.

These phase-inverting type of loudspeaker enclosures are most commonly referred to as vented, ported or bass-reflex. The interior of the speaker boxes are typically lined with a thick damping material or stuffed with loose synthetic or wool fill. The fill is used to dampen the rear wave from the driver and minimize standing waves and reflections within the enclosure. The bass reflex type of loudspeaker enclosure is among the most common type used as it lends itself well to small size and reasonable bass output.

The loudspeaker box details are from the Fostex FEEn datasheet and recommended enclosure plans and are shown below with some additional build notes. The datasheet notes the enclosure volume as 6 L and tuned to 95 Hz. From the dimensions the gross volume is calculated to be 6. The frequency response simulation was completed using WinISD speaker designing software. The orange line on the plot shows the calculated frequency response using the Thiele-Small parameters from the datasheet.

The blue line shows the calculated response using the actual measured parameters of the drivers. Despite the variation in the parameters, the net effect on the actual response is rather small.

fostex fe103

In the response plots there is a 2 dB hump around Hz. I tend to find that I prefer this slightly warmer bass response as the speakers sound more punchy and it also helps balance the forward mid-range. The loudspeaker cabinets were built using 15 mm thick Baltic birch multiplex plywood. Baltic birch plywood is dense and strong, made up from 11 ply sheets. Baltic birch plywood is often amongst the most sought-after wood for producing loudspeaker cabinets.

Part of the reason being that Birch has a natural resonance that peaks in the high and low frequencies, which are typically the most difficult for loudspeakers to reproduce. The speaker connection is a DB input cup located on the rear baffle. Be sure to use the supplied gasket and seal the speaker terminal input cup so there are no air leaks from the enclosure.

For best results, it is important to properly dampen the speaker cabinet. Acousta-Stuf fiber fill is used inside the speaker cabinet to dampen the rear wave from the driver and to reduce standing waves and internal reflections. Fluff up about to g 4 to 6 oz of Acousta-Stuf fiber and fill the speaker box. Try and keep the fill material away from the immediate rear of the speaker driver.

There are a couple of easy modifications that can be made to improve the FEEn drivers. Fill the open gap between the magnet and the speaker frame using duct seal.

This will help to stiffen the motor assembly and dampen the frame against ringing.Radio Shack Realistic A cult following believe these tiny speakers to have excellent reproduction capabilities. Their presence and clarity are unmatched even by expensive three-way systems.

So, why is this? I think it has to do with a physical characteristic called the sound envelope. One of the factors of sound reproduction speakers with multiple drivers is the accurate mixing of frequencies of sound.

Most speakers rely upon two or more drivers to extend the high and lows frequency range and the loud and softs dynamic range. Accurate reproduction then becomes an issue because each speaker producing the particular frequency range must be mixed with the other speaker ranges. This becomes a problem because of the limitations of the placement of the speakers. The sound sources emanating from two or more different points can cause a mismatch or cancellation of sounds.

Though this is really not noticeable most of the time, the seasoned connoisseur listener can become irritated by this. The FE speaker produces all of the sound from one point thereby accurately reproducing the music.

However, these tiny speakers lack considerable dynamic range including heart thumping bass that a lot of people seem to crave. Introduced inthe Bose speakers attempted to address the dynamic range issue by employing nine 4-inch full range speakers. To clarify the mid and high end, there was an additional 4 inch speaker facing forward.

Why the FEs sounded so good at a low level listening was because the sound was directed towards the listener from one point and was accurately reproduced by the very low moving mass driver.

But again, these speakers lacked a lot of dynamic range, especially on the low end. Today with all the new materials, this has become less of an issue with single driver speakers than it was in the s when the paper cone FE was introduced.

fostex fe103

Never the less, the FE still does sound really good at low level near-field listening, especially in tiny limited-space dwellings. Fostex PE. The FE has garnered quite a following since they were released by Radio Shack in the s.

There have probably been millions of them that have been sold worldwide under a variety of manufacturing labels. These I use in the bedroom. Fostex FESol 50th Anniversary. Specifications: 10 cm cone shape full range speaker Impedance: 8 ohms Freq. My first experience was when I was 17 in when I purchased a pair of used Solos from Radio Shack.

These I remember as sounding rather good. Considering their size, they had remarkable bass. Foster 10T3 in later Solo s. Hoping to capture a bit of my youth, I did recently purchase a set of Realistic Solos on eBay, but they sounded rather bad.We never favour any side in our prediction but we rely on past matches like goal scored, away win, loose or current injuries etc. This app should NOT be use in any betting or any related gambling.

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