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Air trouble: Governor or unloader valve

If you. If you Page 3: General Safety Rules Approved Protective, electrically non-conductive clothes accessories are available from Cummins Industrial and non-skid footwear are recommended when Tools. Wear restrictive hair covering to contain Do not operate tools if under the influence of long hair. Do not use the compressor in a wet or explosive environment.

Never attempt maintenance or adjustment with power connected or the equipment in operation. On the down stroke, air is drawn in through the valve inlet.

The discharge valve remains closed. On the up stroke, air is compressed. The inlet valve closes and compressed air is forced out through the discharge valve through the check valve and into the receiver.

Make sure that all items listed in the packing list are included. Failure to do so could result in possible serious personal injury. Page 7: Maintenance 6. Connect air tool and start the compressor to begin use. Compressor outlet pressure must be regulated to never exceed the maximum pressure rating of the tool. Do not add or change oil while the compressor is in operation. Compressor with oil level sight glass 1. Sit air compressor on level surface. The oil level should be at the red dot on the oil level sight glass.

When a new replacement is needed, include the model number of the air compressor, part number and quantity required. If a new assembly is required, include the model number of the air compressor undergoing repair according to the nameplatethe part name, part number and quantity required according to the number of the parts diagram.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments: How is the cut out-in pressure adjusted.Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by tonakisJun 27, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Air trouble: Governor or unloader valve Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by tonakisJun 27, Jun 27, 1. Compressor wasn't kicking in while I started driving yesterday morning, pressure would drop to about 75psi.

I stopped, revved the engine - nothing.

cummins air compressor diagram

Then I got rid of some of the air left and it built it back up. Started driving - same thing, pressure dropped below psi and the compressor would not kick in. Then after a few of these "stop and build pressure" exercises, it started working fine, it would kick in at psi to build it up to cutout at From searching online and talking to a couple of people I understand I need an unloader valve.

I bought the part and I am waiting my turn at a shop to get it replaced. Is that the part I need or I need a governor? Thanks for any help and your time fellas!

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Jun 27, 2. In my experience, when the unloader valve fails the compressor bumps up to as high as it will go, psi in my case. All you can do is swap over a new governor, and if that's no good it's more likely the unloader.

It's a simple job swapping the governor, why don't you do it yourself? This is for a Bendix TuFlo compressor. OzdriverJun 27, Jun 27, 3. Jun 27, 4. The unloader valve can fail in the unloaded state. Usually, I pull the line off the unloader to see if the governor is sending air to it or not when it is below the kick on value.

If it is sending air to it you need a governor, if it is not than you need a unloader valve. AnimosusJun 27, Jul 2, 5. Thanks, guys. I ended up changing both, as I had already bought a new unloader. Small shop in Tifton, GA did the job.Only with Cummins you can be assured that your ReCon air compressor is remanufactured to the latest factory specifications using only genuine Cummins parts.

ReCon air compressors are available for the following engines:. ReCon air compressors are completely remanufactured in a factory environment. In fact, every ReCon air compressor is totally disassembled. To assure consistent quality, all critical machining operations are computer controlled. Any part that cannot be restored to new specifications is scrapped and replaced with a new genuine Cummins part.

ReCon air compressor remanufacturing standards include genuine pistons, connecting rods, new rings, gaskets, O-rings, new springs, snap rings and wear plates.

Expect to see improved performance from a newly installed ReCon air compressor. Your engine will get optimum airflow, greater power and better fuel economy. Unlike many "local rebuilders" who allow you, the customer, to be the final quality check, Cummins addresses quality issues before the product leaves our doors. This extensive program focuses on preventing quality problems at every step in the process. After final assembly, every ReCon air compressor is functionally tested to assure maximum reliability.

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Table of Contents.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Aug 22, 1. Hello all, I am having a problem with one of trucks air compressor and one of my mechanics found a quick remedy to get us by until we get it in the shop this week.

The problem is the truck will not build air after sitting for a weekend or however long it takes until tanks are near empty. You can start it up and run it as long as you want but it will not build an ounce of air.


Now take off the small air line nearest the frame rail "the one that is easily accesible" and put a small handheld vacuum pump on the compressor side and a simple 1 or 2 pumps and the compressor kicks in and works flawlessly for as long as you wish until the truck sits and tanks empty again.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Aug 22, 2. Usually carbon build up in the compressor head and the unloader mechanism sticks. A few taps with a hammer usually gets it going again. HeavydAug 22, Aug 22, 3.

Is that a Wabco? BoxCarKiddAug 22, Aug 22, 4. Cummins has procedure for the air compressor valve unloader cleaning. Air pressure should be drained to ZERO. Disconnect both sides of compressor and air pressure governor tube. Spray liberal amount of WD40 into air pressure governor. Put some rug over compressor discharge opening. Safety glasses is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start engine and spray WD into pumping compressor until carbon deposits are washed from the valve. SnailexpressAug 22, Having trouble finding your part? Let TPI find the part for you. We want to hear from you! Please use this form to send us anything regarding your user experience with TPI. We also welcome any suggestions that you may have, so provide us with as much information as you can so that we can continue to improve TPI to suit your needs.

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cummins air compressor diagram

Detailed Detailed View List View. Gooding, Idaho. Truck Year Universal. Engine Make Cummins. Engine Model M Truck Make Not Available. Don't see what you need? We are glad to help! Just give us a Call the following number for the part. York, Ontario. Truck Year Engine Model ISX. Call us today, we ship Engine Model N Truck Make International. Phoenix, Arizona. No photo. Truck Make Volvo.They have got some amazing results, and all credit to the manager for setting them up to win those games.

Cummins NTA855 engine parts catalogue

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cummins air compressor diagram

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