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28mm ming chinese miniatures

All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. The Editor tries out a boardgame - yes, a boardgame - from battle-market magazine. Nice looking figures. So far we have 4 different figures: upright arquebusier, kneeling arquebusier, and two different variants of heavily armoured troops.

The latter will have an assortment of weapons and head swaps. As for the listing Cedric provided, if you didn't like the Northstar figures then I doubt you'll be happy with most of the rest. The rather nice Forlorn Hope figures are sadly awol. I have the moulds to the ex-Forlorn Hope, ex-Cavalcade Ming Chinese and will be bringing them back on line as time and money allows.

I also have the Wako range, and I have limited numbers of them on hand — and on sale. That is interesting to hear, altfritz. Perhaps you'd consider crowdfunding to get the Ming line back in production?

Caesar's sells a boxed set of Ming troops. There are 28 figures per set. I'm only familiar with these because I was looking on-line at Ch'in Dynasty set and noticed that they also had Ming, Shang, Zhou, and Han set. I hit up the Perry Bros about doing a mixed metal-plastic line. They seemed less than enthused for some reason. I have a few castings of Wako but I recall one punter who expressed interest didn't want to pay a fair price for them.

Sorry - only verified members can post on the forums. More Small Items of Scenery. Battle-Market: Tannenberg The Editor tries out a boardgame - yes, a boardgame - from battle-market magazine. There are a few ranges available… link. If you have Facebook here are some pictures of greens: link link. That is an option, I guess.

I have a lot of other things that also need sorting. Maybe if they got some additional emails they might get encouraged? I emailed them last year about the Ming and got a very non committal response. Why would the Perry Bros go through the expense if that's what the market is like?By: North Star Military Figures.

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28mm Ancient Chinese Warriors

View List. Related Products. Recently Viewed. SW Shrink Wrapped. Mint Perfect. Brand new.All Prices include UK postage, if ordering from outside the UK additional postage will be added at the checkout page. This will be called "tax". Han infantry. Painting by John Reidy. Han general four-horse chariot Y12a Photo credit: Carl Luxford.

Han regular heavy cavalry Y2a Photo credit: Carl Luxford. Each pack comes with a command group. Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: Three kingdoms.

28mm ming chinese miniatures

Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: T'ang. Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: Ming. Chinese regular extra-heavy cavalry: Cataphract. Chinese regular heavy cavalry: Han - Three kingdoms. Chinese regular heavy cavalry: T'ang. Chinese regular heavy cavalry: Sung. Chinese heavy cavalry command: early officer. Chinese heavy cavalry command: early standard bearer. Chinese heavy cavalry command: later officer.

Chinese heavy cavalry command: later standard bearer. Chinese regular light cavalry: Han crossbowman. Chinese regular light cavalry: archer. Chinese regular light cavalry: light cavalry officer. Chinese elite infantry: Han halberdier.

Chinese elite infantry: T'ang guard swordsman. Chinese elite infantry: Sung guard. Chinese elite infantry: Ming halberdier.

Painting Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Line Infantry 1807-1814 with Citadel Contrast Paint.

Chinese elite infantry: armoured Ming. Chinese levy regular spearman: Han. Chinese levy regular spearman: T'ang. Chinese levy regular spearman: Sung. Chinese levy regular spearman: armoured Ming. Chinese levy regular spearman: Three kingdoms Sui. Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Han. Chinese levy regular crossbowman: T'ang.

Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Sung. Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Ming. Chinese levy regular crossbowman: armoured Ming. Chinese levy regular crossbowman: Three kingdoms Sui.

Chinese levy regular archer: Han.Name plastic board game component 2. Material plastic 3. Color can be choose 4. MOQ Sets 6. Sample Time 7 days 8. Delivery Time 25 days after the order confirmed 9. Certification smeta 4p game Detailed Images This product is custom-made and is not available for salejust for displaying our production capacity. Custom plastic board game figurine miniatures knights rpg miniature small figurines italians 28mm miniatures. Custom make war game plastic miniaturesOEM 28mm plastic miniatures for board games.

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Japanese plastic model ABS prototype figure 28mm miniatures. Custom figures miniatureOEM making pvc figures, game figure plastic miniatures. Custom games pvc figures minion military miniatures plastic animals miniature. China supplier prototype tabletop figure pvc toy minion military miniatures fantasy miniatures plastic. Custom made vinyl miniatures toys Customized mini toy manufacturer.Love, love, love the shields!

I've had the same problems with the micron pens Seeing the whole army at once was also very nice. Looks great as always. Ray - cheers! Glad you like 'em! Surprisingly, those designs were quite quick to do : Dannoc - cheers! It was only when I tried brushing the gloss on that I had problems, airbrushing was fine : Chasseur - cheers!

I'm really sorry to be that guy and your models are beautifully painted but Whisk - thanks Ivy! I seem to be over it now - was back at work today : anon - no problem and thanks for the link and your appreciation of my painting. Although the "demon face" shields shown on that page may be the ones in artwork or surviving examples, they look to be very intricate designs and probably wouldn't have been present on the shields of the masses of infantry but rather on the shields of officers and nobles.

I figure that the bulk of the troops would have painted crude imitations on their own shields, such as the ones that I've done :. Hello there. On the topic of shield - ancient people were actually pretty into shield decorations, particularly as some sort of good luck charm soldiers tend to be superstitious.

Their skill might be crude, but they usually still spend some time and effort to paint it. Chinese in particular would avoid too much white colour due to its association with death, mourning and funeral thus bad luck. Thanks for stopping by - your blog looks as though it's a very useful source and I wish I'd come across it before I'd started painting my army, but it's too late now.

I didn't know that about white being associated with death; something to keep in mind for future additions to my army. As for the shields, it sounds as though I may have been better going with my other option which was to paint the symbols for "wolf" on them, as with the officers' shields.

Once again, thanks for stopping by to say hello and make some useful comments. And please accept my humble apologies for my inaccuracies.

It's fine, you've actually done a great job. BTW, the so-called "demon head" are actually stylized or just simply bad paintjob dragon or tiger, depending on the details.

Tiger is a common Chinese shield motif, as pronunciation for "Tiger" and "Protect" are similar in Chiense language. I also do Imjin war at 15mm and the lack of Ming figures as well as accurate information is extremely problematic.Available from Watchful I Studios and Ainsty Castings, these Ancient Chinese Warriors are designed to serve as any one of the factions associated with the Warring States era, a time of great turmoil in Chinese history.

This pack is shown on the Watchful I website as consisting of 10 miniatures but Ainsty Castings, UK and Europe retailers, appear to have split the original pack into a smaller one. These are lightly armoured infantry are lightly equipped enabling them to maneuver quickly about the battlefield equipped with bows and the set includes an officer and standard bearer.

The metal miniatures consist of components that may be assembled as desired. This unit contains 5 Light Infantry bodies marching, 1 sword wielding arm, 1 head sprues containing 5 different heads, a random officer head, a banner pole arm, 5 arrow quivers and 5 bows.

The second pack is a single Ancient Chinese Foot Officer. The foot officer pack includes one body and several head and arm options allowing you to create a unique officer for your army. Consequently, this metal miniature requires assembly.

28mm ming chinese miniatures

The pack contains1 foot officer marching, 2 Arm sprues, one which contains a right and left arm drawing a sword, and the other has 3 right arm options and 1 left arm and lastly a Head sprue that contains 4 different heads. Again, this figure is designed to fit a slotta base. These are well cast figures with a good range of options. They are also fairly generic, meaning that they could represent troops from any of the main States involved in the war. Search for:. My cart 0. Monday to Friday — GMT.

New Customer? Sign up. Previous Next. Tags Ancient. Related Posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Recent Posts. Privacy Policy About Us Contact. We will get onto them as soon as we are back.All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.

The Editor tries out a boardgame - yes, a boardgame - from battle-market magazine. I have some of their Korean artillery and figures and know they have another style but they might be compatible. Unfortuntely no pictures are available for them. Any suggestions for figure representing them. At this time they consist of a command pack with an armored officer,harlbard-armed unarmored infantry, and bow-armed unarmored infantry.

I think that they were sculpted to match with the Perry Japanese and Chosen Koreans. The sculpts are quite nice. Cavalcade haven't expanded the range in a few years, so they may not be planning on producing any new figures for that range.

However, it would be easy to send an e-mail to Cavalcade. The owner does frequent these forums, is a great guy, and is quick to answer questions. He's also from Woohoo!

Seattle, which is almost as good as being from Portland. The Sheltrum's made nice figures for the Korean war compatible to Dixon Samurai range and his wako is very good and colorful the Perry's is little small like LOTR range, the Cavalcade Ming range is limited to arhcer's an halbertier's, the Ming army use armored men, hand gun's, canon's, cavalry, the great number of the Chinese forces compinied with the luck of supplies and the guerilla war break the Japanese, but this is an other story.

Thanks for all the informtions. It seems to be a little bit difficult to find appropriate Ming Figures. Unfortunately I have not find an information that the Perry want to add Ming figures to their Korean and Samurai ranges. I'm looking into this in detail at the minute, with a view to a Kickstarter later in the year. As mentioned often here, sources are a problem, we really need an osprey style treatment of the later Ming. I think they've since gone out of business, Durando. I'm not sure if anyone has picked up the molds, which is a real shame.

They were nice figures.

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They also made Wako pirates, which would likely have been very popular now, with the advent of so many skirmish sets now out for the era. It does seem odd to me that Perry sculpts the Korean and Japanese figures for the Choson Wars but leave aside the other main protagonist, the Ming Chinese. I did email them last year about this and inquiring about the possibility of Perry producing a line of Ming figures. The response I got back was non committal.

Not a no and not a yes. That's slightly better than the response to my email a couple years ago. Maybe they've received enough to start considering it.

I can see the reasons they might be reluctant. Its still a very niche conflict to Western wargamers at least and the Perries will know how much their Choson figures have sold. Its very difficult to get information, not as bad as it would be without the internet, but even so consider how little information is published in English on the Ming army. Its a very extensive project; there's quite a lot of different dress and weaponry, and really its two armies, the northern and the southern.

28mm ming chinese miniatures

I say all this because I'm grappling with all these issues in designing a range to fit with the Perries. I decided recently to do much of it digitally to get round some practical difficulties, so I am wrestling with z-brush right now. Spent all of today on it in fact.

28mm Ming Dynasty Chinese

As one who has Samurai armies and a large Korean army still needing painting I am interested in the Imjin Wars. I suspect that is where the biggest interest lies. Agreed GMM is a gold mine of information.