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Like many others here, I've had no heat on the passenger side. At 55, miles. Are you kidding me? Clearly, Dodge knows that this is an issue given the number of identical complaints yet, when I called them as suggested in another post hereI was informed in no uncertain terms that there was "nothing we can do.

This was my first Dodge and will definitely be my last. I bought my Avenger exactly 4 years ago, and since I pulled it off the lot my heat on the passenger side hasn't worked.

I haven't had it looked at before because I usually drive by myself so it really didn't bother me. But now the driver side heat is starting to lose heat. I have had contact with Dodge but they told me that it is only under warranty the first 3 months or first 32, miles.

So that option was out. I drive 45 minutes to work and this morning I pretty much froze all the way to work. I am going to have to break down and get it checked out to see exactly what the problem is, I am just afraid it is going to cost a small fortune. Replaced the blend door actuator behind the glove box. That only fixed the clicking noise. Problem still exists. Apparently Dodge doesn't stand behind their products.

Will never own another one. Began in November; blowing cold air on the right side and luke warm air on the left side. Tested thermostat which was OK but decided to replace it anyway. No go.I had this problem Dodge caravan of AC on driver side while the passenger side blows heat. I had to do the same thing for the back control. Try this first. Good luck. I had this problem with my Dodge caravan of AC on driver side while the passenger side blows heat.

I tried all the recommendations through out this thread but the only thing that works was resetting the dials by moving them simultaneously from cold to hot and back again several times while the car is on.

Tried it on my Dodge Grand Caravan Our problem is like many: heat coming out of passenger side while cool from drivers side. I will talk to my local dealer BUT expecting they will say nothing is covered as vehicle has 83, miles. John answered 3 years ago. In some cases, if you live in a highly abrasive dusty environment or area where lots of trees with small pine needles, small leaves, seed pods, bird droppings park under a tree liked by bird flocks and any airborne krap that can clog the vents above the hood.

If you were to dissaemble the black hood vent and clean out what is underneath, you might be surprised at the "mush" that has formed hidden from eyesifght that maybe blocking a screen or filter grid or may even be blocking controls.

If you car is garaged from new and never exposed to outdoor flim-flam much, then you could look elsewhere. Older vans - mostly had 'slider' controls for separate heat controls and I gues current have rotary dials. Whether they operate mechanically, by vacuum, or by electric motor, one need to ask techs, dealer or private.

If older vans give no heat, no heat at all, then 'thermostat is usually broken and needs replacement. Engine is likely never fully warming up too, especially in cold weather If you do and no improvement is noted, then look at the more complex under dash damper door modulating system. GuruWVV7R answered 2 years ago. Thx caravan owner! With the engine running I switched the heat control knob from hot to cold position several times and it finally worked.

2014 dodge avenger ac blowing hot air

I hope this helps with your problem. Just tried your fix. Passenger side was always kicking out heat, regardless of where the knob was turned. It had nothing to do with the fan knob. I turned the passenger knob from hot to cold a few times and the heat did stop.

Trying it again, it seems that turning the knob from cold to hot to cold just once works if you put some downward pressure on the knob as it approaches the cold setting. Downward pressure or wiggling the knob up and down seems to make the heat stop. Thanks for saving me a mechanic's bill. What do I try next. GuruVD9XQ answered about a year ago. Ac or cool air on driver and hot from passanger side FIXED by the above suggestions— just moved passanger side dial a few times back and forth ehile running ac and voila!!!

It now blows cool air. Supposedly the motor that turns the flaps is not very strong. Yeah for easy fixes!!! GuruLT answered about a year ago.

Thanks worked on a Chrysler town and country. Was only blowing heat on drivers side turned the knobs a few times with car running now blowing cold air. Cannuck answered about a year ago. I have a Grand Caravan that just started doing this.Problem with my Buick.

The problem I have is that when you turn the ac on the cool air only comes out the 2 vents on the passenger side. The 2 vents on the drivers side have warm air blowing out. This actuator controls the temperature door for that side. Dual zone systems have a temp door for each side. If the car does not have dual zone climate control, this sounds like a problem that some mechanics miss.

This problem is a low freon charge in the system. It will not be apparent if just looking at freon gauge pressures- they will be normal. There is simply not enough freon capacity in the system to cool the air to the drivers side. Only way to be sure is to drain and measure the freon in the system. Answer: We would need to know what make and model Buick you are asking about. Are you looking for the drivers side or passenger side actuator?

Can turn the key off and restart andnir will start blowing cold again. It doeant do it all the time. Where is temperature door actuator on a Cadillac deville. Blows hot on drivers side, cold on passengers? I have a Equinox that blows Hot on drivers side and cold on Passenger.

Where is actuator door on this model please? My Chevy camero blows warm air out both driver vents.

A/C Blows Hot Air

The passenger vent in the middle blows cool but the the passenger vent by the door blows warm also. Does it need Freon or activator.

My Kia Optima the air conditioner is warm in the driver's side but cold on the passenger side. The temperature door motor on your Buick is located under the passenger side of the dash, near the center, on the heater case.

Where is temperature door actuator? Post comments below or Search Us Here Leave your comments Post comment as a guest Name Required :. Submit Comment. Guest - Angela. Guest - john. Guest - Gerry. Where is location of the door actuator on a Buick Century ? Guest - Leapord Norma. Where is location the door actuator on a yukon XL at. Guest - Vicky. Guest - Tom In reply to: Guest - Vicky.Heater blows hot air from drivers side and cold air from passenger side of car on Dodge Avenger.

I've read that this could be an blend door actuator that needs to be replaced? Spoke with dealer and they thought it could be the heater core.

How can the heater core be defective if it blows hot air out of the drivers side? The blend door makes more sense to me. What do you think? Can I replace this myself without having to remove the dashboard? Please advise. It sounds like you may have a faulty blend door actuator.

These doors are operated by small actuator motors that are activated when you turn the knob or switch to make a change to the vents. When these actuator motors fail, you may notice the flow of air may not be working properly according to the change you have made.

AC on driver heat on passenger

I would recommend having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to take a look at your vehicle. Q: Heater blows hot air from drivers side and cold air from passenger side of car on Dodge Avenger. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Jeff Engstrom Automotive Mechanic. Thank Jeff. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Rear end feels unstable. Does the Dodge Journey have transmission mounts? Does they vehicle only have engine mounts and how many? Not getting fire to plugs by Sarah B. Is it possible to change the gear shifter on Acura TLX?

2014 dodge avenger ac blowing hot air

Why does my nissan altima Rev while engine is cold?The air conditioning in your Dodge car cools the cabin when it is hot outside. The AC system uses a compressor to compress a refrigerant and then pushes that cold air into the passenger cabin with a fan.

2014 dodge avenger ac blowing hot air

When this system breaks you may need to replace your air conditioning components. However, before you do that, troubleshoot the problems. Start the truck and adjust the air from low to high and back down again.

Listen for the blower motor. The noise should increase when turned higher and decrease when turned lower. The blower motor will be a black cylinder-shape with a white plastic bowl-like piece on top. Unplug the electrical connector and remove it. Look at the compressor in front of the engine with the belt to make sure it is quiet.

Find the compressor by going to the driver's side engine compartment. Find the two hoses, one small and one larger, coming from the firewall. Follow them back toward the car and you will find the compressor. Adjust the temperature controls to make sure they are working correctly. The dials should have the proper amount of resistance. If these are not working correctly, it may be a fuse problem. Locate the fuse box by opening the driver's side door and prying off the panel near the steering wheel with a screwdriver.

Remove the fuse with pliers and replace with a fuse of equal wattage to avoid damaging the electrical system. Check to make sure the dome lights and graphics display are working properly. If they are not, then it may be a control panel problem.Dodge Avenger owners have reported 3 problems related to air conditioner under the equipment category.

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Dodge Avenger based on all problems reported for the Avenger.

The contact owns a Dodge Avenger. The contact stated that the air conditioner failed. The contact also stated that the engine caught on fire, in which he beleived was directly related to the air conditioning failure. The contact had the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection where they advised that there were no failures found within the vehicle.

The failure later recurred and the vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 50, See all problems of the Dodge Avenger. Air conditioner evaporator blew out. My mechanic said there have been numerous complaints about this happening. I have had problems with the brakes since I purchased the car two years ago. I have had them repaired several times with no luck in improvement. They function fine, but feel 'soft' and they pulsate.

The last time I had them fixed, the dealer replaced the pads with Chrysler pads and turned the rotors. They still did not feel they way they were supposed to feel. Car Problems. Air Conditioner problem of the Dodge Avenger 1.I just had the compressor replaced in Aug because AC just stopped working.

Blew hot air. A year later, it does the same thing. Dealer said there was a small leak in the evaporator coil. Warranty expired. I couldn't afford to get extended. The water did not get anywhere in the interior Engine ruined. So insurance paid to put in another engine. That engine was used and had more miles than mine. Everything was fine until 4 mos after engine replacement.

Had a fuel leak. An o ring. Insurance said ok, it's IRMA, we will cover it. Now this is where I need help.

Simple fixes that might get the car's AC system working.

I think all of my problems are IRMA related but dealer says absolutely not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I live in FL A year later Two days later, back to blowing hot air except out of the driver's side vent on the right.

Back to dealer. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Most Common Solutions: not sure 1 reports replace evaporator coil, compressor 1 reports replaced compressor 1 reports Get free help with your lemon!

2014 dodge avenger ac blowing hot air

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